Flashback Dress

That feel when you wake up early the one morning you are able to sleep in.  I've gotten like, max six hours of sleep a night for two weeks because school and stuff.  I was looking so forward to sleeping until 8:00 this morning, but my dad didn't get the memo and woke me up… Continue reading Flashback Dress


Labor Day Clothing Haul

Almost every family has something they like to do together.  Play board games.  Go out to eat.  Hike.  Watch sports on TV.  The thing our family spends the most time doing together is shopping at thrift stores.  We often wonder, “Without Goodwills what would we even do together?”  Which sounds kinda sad and materialistic, but… Continue reading Labor Day Clothing Haul

In my last post, I was talking about how happy/sad I was about getting one last trip before vacation was over.  I mostly wanted to focus on how excited I was to be relaxing at the beach, but to be honest, I was sick the whole week and I wrote that post in one of… Continue reading