Valentine’s Skirt

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I was looking forward to today for a very long time  There are two reasons for this.  First of all, Valentine's Day is more exciting when you have a significant other.  This is the first time I have had a boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  Which makes sense given that Zach is… Continue reading Valentine’s Skirt

Retro Dress

Am I the only one who sometimes gets massively stressed about how many school assignments they have during the week and becomes super productive and accidentally finishes all their homework in one day?   My mental schedule got all messed up this week with Monday off for MLK day and snow days Wednesday through Friday.  I… Continue reading Retro Dress

Vintage Sweaters and Gratefulness

I recently went on a rare trip to the mall to buy new clothes (and spend too much money).  It became quickly obvious that huge sleeves, oversized sweaters, and fluffy jackets are the styles of this fall and winter.  These are inconvenient styles, however, because they are quite expensive and I very much like them. … Continue reading Vintage Sweaters and Gratefulness