Hi, I’m Krista and I would like to start off with a confession: I enjoy shopping at the mall as much as the next clothing obsessed teenage girl.  I love finding those items that are my style and that fit perfectly.  Handing over that 50 or 100 dollar bill is kind of like insurance that what I wear will be approved of by others. Every time I wear that brand new item, I feel confident that I’m in style and I’m proud of how I look. For me, mall shopping is a relaxing and enjoyable time.

However, no trip to the mall is complete without my mom in the driver seat of the car making sheep noises.  Yup.  Those interesting sound effects are her reminding me of how by wanting to go to the mall, I’m being like ALL the people and just following blindly behind what other kids my age are doing the way sheep would just follow each other off a cliff.  People (a.k.a. me) blindly following trends is her pet peeve. Along with the crowded parking structures at the mall of course.  Like I said, I am not one to judge mall shopping as a hobby.  It’s fun.  It’s how I find out what the trends are.  But it’s not the only way  to enjoy fashion.

My main purpose of creating this blog is to inspire some alternative ways of crafting outfits to be proud of.  The two alternative ways I use are sewing clothing items myself (and by that I mean I design them and my mom sews them) and thrift store shopping. On this blog, I will be featuring items my mom and I have sewn as well as outfits I put together with items found at thrift stores. In my posts, I plan to include pattern numbers and modifications my mom and I make to the patterns along with any sewing advice my mom has to give for you fellow seamstresses out there.

I hope to inspire people to try their hand at sewing or designing and encourage people trying to save money on clothes and accessories.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the sewing or thrifting process!