Valentine’s Skirt

DSCN3229Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

I was looking forward to today for a very long time  There are two reasons for this.  First of all, Valentine’s Day is more exciting when you have a significant other.  This is the first time I have had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  Which makes sense given that Zach is the person I have ever dated.  One of the first times we ever hung out was actually Valentine’s Day last year.  We weren’t officially dating yet so hanging out on such a holiday had the potential to be a little awkward. And it was indeed awkward, but that day is also one of my favorite memories.


We went hiking at a place super close to my house that I have hiked probably a million times in my life.  I remember feeling extremely nervous beforehand.  Zach and I had only done something with just the two of us once before and it had been rock climbing.  Rock climbing is interactive and requires much effort–you don’t have to talk.  Hiking, on the other hand, requires conversation.  Otherwise, its just two people following a trail while chirping birds struggle to fill The Awkward Silence.  I worried so much about The Awkward Silence.  What if I didn’t know what to say?  What if I was really boring to talk to?  What if it ended up being really uncomfortable the whole time? I need not have worried because we did not struggle for a moment to find things to talk about.  Conversation comes so easily for us.  That is one of my favorite things about our relationship. I feel like I could sit in an empty room and talk to Zach for like, a lifetime.

DSCN3176So back to my story.  Hiking was nice.  We sat on this giant rock at the end of the trail that my siblings and I used to always play on when we were younger.  We ate chocolate because that’s a requirement on Valentine’s Day whether you are on a date or not.

Now a little bit of backstory: even though my mom is not a fan of the history behind Valentine’s Day and she’s not a fan of that romantic sappy stuff, she really enjoys planning themed dinners and making fancy food.  So every year on Valentine’s Day, my mom makes a fancy Italian meal and decorates with chocolate and red and pink and all that.  Its kinda cheesy, but its something our family has always done and I like it. Last Valentine’s Day was no different.  Before I left to go hiking with Zach, my mom reminded me not to be late to dinner.  She also told me to I could invite Zach and smirked, thinking I would not dare to embarrass myself in that way. Looking back, I cannot understand where I found the bravery/stupidity to invite Zach over to my family’s Valentine’s themed dinner after having only hung out with him twice.  The second he agreed to come, I panicked and spewed forth a lengthy disclaimer about the cringe and awkwardness he was about to experience.  I could tell he was worried about what he had gotten himself into, but he did not back out.

Long story short, dinner was not at all as terrible as I expected, even with the chocolate hearts decorating the table and the dramatic opera music playing in the background.  It was stressful, as is any First Meal with The Family, but there was also good conversation and a lot of laughter (like when my dog grabbed a bag of hotdog buns off the counter and brought them into the dining room so we could watch as she tried to eat them all before my dad wrestled them away from her and dinner resumed).  It was a memorable start to what has been an amazing relationship.

DSCN3103That adorable/cheesy story is not the only reason I was looking so forward to publishing this post, however.  Given that this is a sewing blog, you can probably guess the other reason.  I literally could not wait to post about this skirt my mom sewed.  I photographed it two or three weeks ago when it snowed and have been patiently awaiting this day.

DSCN3093I have probably mentioned it in previous posts, but I have been loving skirts recently.  Personally, I find them more comfortable and very flattering on people with some curves.  They are also very trendy currently. Button up skirts and skirts with ruffles are especially popular.  I have a good collection of button up skirts now, so I wanted to find a pattern for a skirt with some sort of ruffle. This relatively new McCall’s pattern was the first one that caught my attention and I am very glad about that.  The fit is so cute and the different variations of length and ruffles provided by the pattern leave plenty of room for creativity.  And we certainly got creative by combining these two pieces of fabric.  I love how this skirt can be both girly and grunge when paired with something like combat boots.

Without further ado, here are the details for you fellow sewists.  My mom made this skirt using McCall’s Pattern No. 7287 Variation C.  We used sheer for both of our layers and lined it, although a wide variety of fabrics can be used for this pattern.  For example, my mom also made Variation A with a thin denim and it turned out very well.  For this skirt, we used a size 12 waist and graded to a size 14.  Additional adjustments were made to add more room through the hips.

I hope you enjoyed this very long post.  I gotta go now–got Awkward Valentine’s Dinner Part II to get ready for!  Have a great Valentine’s Day, world.


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