Retro Dress

dress no shadowAm I the only one who sometimes gets massively stressed about how many school assignments they have during the week and becomes super productive and accidentally finishes all their homework in one day?   My mental schedule got all messed up this week with Monday off for MLK day and snow days Wednesday through Friday.  I opened up my computer Wednesday and was hit by a tidal wave of makeup assignments.  Long story short, I turned in to a homework-completing machine and ended up with no homework to do this weekend.  So today I had time to walk the neighbor’s dog, workout, practice violin, AND write this post. That’s my story.


I love this dress for so many reasons.  My mother found the fabric at a thrift store in Virginia so that’s really cool.  It originally would have been a very expensive piece of fabric as it is mostly silk and drapes amazingly. The fabric sat for months in my mom’s sewing basket before we found the perfect pattern for it.  It is a retro looking fabric so we chose a more retro style dress.  Plus, a shirt dress is a very versatile item, flattering, and a style I have always wanted.  My mom altered the pattern a lot to get it to fit absolutely perfectly which is another reason I love this dress.

DSCN9263.JPGThe pattern we used is McCall’s 7084 view B with the three quarter length sleeves.  My mom made a size 6 for the bodice and sleeves and tapered out to a size 12.  We had to loosen the bust, sleeves, and hips by a lot so in the future, we would try a size 6 across shoulders, a size 12 for the sleeves, keep the waist size 12, and quickly taper to a size 14.  In addition, my mom ended up shortening the back bodice by 2 inches.  Sometimes the perfect fit requires a lot of adjustments, but not everyone who wants to try this pattern will have to make that many adjustments. McCall’s 7084 is not a challenging pattern and if you size correctly it is a very flattering fit.

dscn9210.jpgFor once my post is not eternally long.  In fact, I’m out of things to say!  Hopefully I said all I needed to and kept everyone interested.  Always feel free to comment questions.  Oh yeah and check out my Instagram for more pictures: kristawiese9.


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