The Reason for the Season

I am aware that “the season” is technically over.  It is now 2018 and today my dad put all the Christmas decorations away.  But in my mind, Christmas isn’t really over until it snows. Raleigh, NC got our first snow yesterday so I decided to photograph two holiday dresses my mom sewed even though it is no longer the holidays.

DSCN9478 And even though the Christmas decorations are put away and the snow is melting and the Christmas season is officially over, it is still important to remember the reason for the season.  God is the reason for Christmas and every season.  He is the reason for everything. He is the ultimate creator and He loves His creation.  Think about how every single snowflake is different.  Imagine how complex and creative God must be to have designed even minuscule snowflakes to be unique.   Or think about the fact that snow even exists or the fact that seasons exist and weather patterns exist and lightning exists.  Think about the science of all these phenomenons.  You can say it was all created by chance, but give me an example of when a beautiful piece of artwork or a beautiful song or a beautiful dress was created without the careful design of a creator?  Beautiful things exist because of creative minds and creative minds exist because we have a creative God.   Beauty allows us to glimpse the character of God and love Him deeper.  Loving God is, after all, the purpose of life and I want the world to know that. God intends our talents to be used to reflect his greatness and that is my goal–for everything I write, sew, and photograph to serve as a reminder that beauty does not come from nothingness.


It never ceases to amaze me what a gift for clothing design that my mother has.  Its crazy all the thought that she puts into making things fit right, feel comfortable, and look good.  If I didn’t sew, I would never know how much effort that goes into hand making clothes.  It definitely requires talent and experience.  I am very lucky God gave my mom such a gift and that she had my grandma to develop that gift and that the knowledge is being passed down to me.  I’m not sure if I necessarily have the gift of sewing, but I love creating clothing in my mind and, of course, wearing it and taking photographs.

DSCN9361   So without further ado, I present to you these two dresses sewed by my wonderful mother.  For you fellow gifted seamstresses, the pattern used for both dresses is McCall’s 7349 variation C.  My mom used size 8 for the top of the dress and graded to a 14.   We did our usual adjustment of folding in the front and back pieces by 1/2 inch. The green dress was the first one we made and we did not expect the sleeves to be 3/4 length sleeves so we added an extra cuff to lengthen it.  When making the red dress, we added four inches to the sleeves.  The velvet cuff on the sleeves of the red dress was primarily for appearance.  The pattern is great for beginners as long as they don’t use velvet like we did although, as I mentioned in a previous post, velvet is very in style.  Any knit can be used to vary the style of this dress.

DSCN9367 (2)

As usual, this turned out to be a lengthy post, but hopefully I inspired you sewists out there to try out McCall’s 7349 and encouraged some of you wondering if you had a purpose.  You have a purpose–to be loved by God and to love God and to use your gifts to show others that a loving God exists.  Enjoy this beautiful world and know that it did not come from nothingness.


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