Summer Dress in Winter

DSCN9114 (2)I don’t know if its just me, but I always put a lot of thought into finding a way to combine everything I got for Christmas into an outfit that actually coordinates. In order to do a photoshoot with my new backpack and my new earrings and my new shoes (actually my brother’s), I had to wear a rather summery dress that I meant to photograph in August when my mom made it.  I winterized the dress with this long blue sweater and ventured into the freezing weather.  At least it was sunny and the happiness of this fabric made me feel warm inside.


This yellow Fjallraven backpack is one of my favorite things I got for Christmas for multiple reasons.  Firstly because I’ve had the same backpack since first grade and let’s just say its had better and whiter days.  Secondly, I have been wanting a Fjallraven backpack for a very long time.  They are so bright and happy and adorable.  They are even more adorable with the addition of this little fox key-chain my younger sister made.  She is such a creative genius and gives the sweetest gifts!  Buy her stuff at the Lucky Tree Coffee Shop on Hillsborough Street, Raleigh.  *This is not a paid promotion. 


As I mentioned, my mom made this dress in the fall after I begged her to death to buy this fabric.  Yellow is my weakness.  I want to buy everything yellow. I wish I could just live in a world that resembles “yellow aesthetic” Pinterest searches.  Because I loved the fabric so much, I wanted to use a pattern that was tried and true.  My favorite dress ever which I have not yet posted on is made from Burda 7224.  We decided to use this fabric to make the sleeveless version of that dress pattern since we knew what adjustments we needed to make to get the perfect fit.  As always, we took in the front and back by an inch and shortened the torso.  We also shortened the dress itself because I wanted it midi instead of maxi.  As far as I know, those were the only changes we made.


This is a relatively easy sewing pattern and I highly recommend both the longsleeve and sleeveless versions of the dress.  There are a billion dresses resembling this at Urban Outfitters and Free People.  If Fashion Dictators like these stores declare calico print and lots of buttons are in style than you better not question it.


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