Bell Sleeves and Velvet


Tomorrow is Christmas.  This is a good thing because, of course, gifts and dinner with family and remembering the birth of Jesus.  It’s also a bad thing though, because that means there are only two days left to wear Christmas sweaters and sparkly red and green things.  Thankfully, this dress is good for during the holidays and after the holidays.


Christmas always has a sad note because the day after Christmas my grandparents drive their RV to Florida for two months.  I miss my grandparents and my grandma’s cooking and her sewing.  This last week before they leave we loaded my grandma up with a bunch of sewing projects.  She finished this dress yesterday and I wanted to photograph is as soon as possible since I actually have free time.  I definitely did not have time to blog this past semester.  But now my classes are done, college application are in, my boss seems to have forgotten about me, my violin is hibernating a few days, and I can enjoy my hobbies and friends again.  What a good feeling.


Another reason I wanted to photograph this dress right away is because it is the epitome of what is in style this holiday season.  I know this not because I’ve been reading fashion blogs or shopping much this season, but because of all the rich and fancy holiday parties I have catered.  I love catering because I get to go to rich people parties and listen to rich people conversations and observe rich people fashion without actually being rich.  Also I really like working with food and smiling at people so its a good job all around.  But anyways, I noticed at the many holiday parties I attended that almost every single person wore something velvet and at least half wore dresses with bell sleeves.  Blue was just as common as red and green.  I have to admit that I did not help my mom design this dress; she picked the fabric and pattern for the fabric without my help.  She did a great job capturing what is in fashion this winter.


I’ve missed writing about fashion and sewing so much, but this is turning into a very long post so I should probably give you seamstresses out there the actual facts about the dress now.  The fabric is from Joanne’s Fabrics and, as you can see, is mesh and velvet.  We used the lining Joanne’s had to coordinate with the piece.  The pattern we used is McCall’s 7505.  I’m wearing a size 6 (the smallest size) with size 8 sleeves that we had to shorten a lot because I have really short arms.   Because the neck opening looked large on the pattern, my mom raised it.  It’s a little higher then we like so next time we will raise it a little less.  With these adjustments, the dress fits perfectly.


Well I hope everyone who reads this has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hopefully I’ll have time to post again this break.


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