Vintage Sweaters and Gratefulness

I recently went on a rare trip to the mall to buy new clothes (and spend too much money).  It became quickly obvious that huge sleeves, oversized sweaters, and fluffy jackets are the styles of this fall and winter.  These are inconvenient styles, however, because they are quite expensive and I very much like them.  As always, I left the mall feeling rather unsatisfied and wishing I had bought everything, but knowing I’d regret spending my life savings.   I made an amazing discovery upon arriving home, however.

Apparently, my mom had a hidden shelf in her closet full of sweaters identical to the ones shown in stores like Free People and Urban Outfitters except they are actually vintage, handmade by my grandparents, and free for me.  Also, they aren’t quite as dramatic or large as the ones shown in stores right now luckily for me and my shortness.

DSCN7605Both the brown cardigan and the orange leaf sweater were made by my grandma in Michigan with wool she made and dyed from the sheep she raises on her farm.  The cardigan was my dad’s, hence the sleeves being rolled up three times.  There’s something about wearing someone else’s jacket or sweater that makes it somehow even softer and warmer.

I feel like the sweater my sister is wearing perfectly summarizes fall.  It’s real wool though so its not exactly as soft as it looks, but with a tee shirt under it, its super comfortable and warm.

DSCN7678This brown sweater is also made out of wool from my grandma’s sheep.  I think its really cute with these new glasses of mine which aren’t actually real or needed.  Yes, I know I’m a fraud, but wearing glasses makes me feel like a whole new and smarter person which is kind of fun.

DSCN7963This third sweater I’m wearing is probably my favorite because its the softest and I love the knitted pattern on it.  I don’t know what type of wool it is, but my grandma in NC made it for my mother when she was going to pharmacy school in Chicago which is a notoriously frigid state as you probably know.  I wore the sweater to my grandma’s house yesterday and she didn’t remember making it at all, but it still feels pretty special wearing something my grandma made my mom so long ago.

DSCN8055.JPGAlso, here’s a picture of a random ladybug that landed on me. Doesn’t that have something to do with good luck?  Maybe I’m making that up, but I do know that I am very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I couldn’t ask for better siblings.  They do everything they can to please me including spending half a day being bossed around regarding photography and forced into scratchy sweaters.  Plus, they are pretty good photographers and free.  Then of course there’s Zach, my wonderful boyfriend who makes me happy every day and is even willing to take cheesy couple photos with me. There are just so many people in my life that I love so much and am so very grateful for.

Wow that was an unexpectedly sappy ending to this blog post.  Blame it on the fact that its almost thanksgiving already or maybe these wonderful vintage sweaters just put me in a happy mood.  Choose whichever excuse you like.


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