Autumn, Happiness, and Knit Dresses

DSCN6000School aside, fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I know there’s probably a hundred other teenage girls posting right now about how obsessed they are with fall and pumpkin lattes and fall outfits, but I still feel the need to express how awesome fall is.  Its just so beautiful–all the oranges and yellows, fields of pumpkins and mums, overcast skies and light rain.  And there’s just something about the air that makes me feel so happy and motivated.  One breath of autumn air and I’m ready to run marathons, get all A’s, and finish like, three novels before Christmas.  Of course the best thing about fall is fall outfits! Actually, pumpkin food is the best part of fall, but getting to wear sweaters, and jeans, and cozy knits is a close second.

DSCN5961Clothing items made of knit are for sure some of the most comfortable things to wear.  Ribbed knits are especially comfortable as they are very stretchy and usually thicker.  Joanne’s Fabrics recently came out with a ton of quality, attractive knits and I want to buy them all.  The fabric used for the dress I’m wearing in these pictures, however, was actually fabric my mom purchased twenty years ago.  As I’ve mentioned before, some things just take a while to become something.  My mom certainly saved it for the right time though with knits, particularly knit turtle necks, being a huge trend for this fall.

DSCN5992 In addition to being trendy, this is the most comfortable dress I own.  Usually more fitted dresses like this cling in awkward placed or are all together too tight on me, but this one manages to be loose while still being slightly fitted.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide you seamstresses out there with a pattern number for this super comfy, flattering dress.  My mom used an old pattern designed by the pattern company Stretch and Sew which no longer exists.

DSCN6023This dress is also super versatile because it can be worn with any color sweater and any pattern of socks.  Outfits that allow for fun socks are best.


Also SPOILER  ALERT but my mom has recently sewn some other cute fall items that I HOPE to be able to photograph soon. Don’t know when I’ll get to them with so much of life getting in the way, but be looking forward to that.  Well, I’m off to write some papers while drinking hot chocolate with my pumpkin spice candle lit because I am a stereotypical teenage girl and I must enjoy fall while its here.


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