Flashback Dress

DSCN5398That feel when you wake up early the one morning you are able to sleep in.  I’ve gotten like, max six hours of sleep a night for two weeks because school and stuff.  I was looking so forward to sleeping until 8:00 this morning, but my dad didn’t get the memo and woke me up way earlier than intended.  The silver lining is that now I have an extra hour in my day I didn’t account for.  Technically I should study Spanish for my midterm tomorrow, but my brain is working in slow motion so I might as well make a blog post while I wake up.  These photos are actually a flashback to a month ago when I actually had time for fun stuff.


This post is actually a flashback in general, because my mom made this dress over four years ago.  I remember seeing the fabric and the pattern and knowing exactly what I wanted. Apparently thirteen year old me was ahead of her times with the whole off-the-shoulder thing and large ruffle.  I remember being super hyped about this dress, wearing it one or two Sundays and then realizing it was kind of a dramatic style and that no one my age was really wearing anything like it.  Being your average insecure middleschooler, I retired the dress to the back of my closet.  I wish I could go back and tell younger me to wear what she wanted and to be confident in her creativity, but better late than never, I guess.


This pattern might look familiar to you if you have read previous posts.  It is McCall’s 6558 which is the pattern my mom modified to make this shirt.  No changes were made when sewing this dress other than no including the ruffle at the bottom.  As is apparent, the fabric is a sheer border print and is lined with a knit.  It is a relatively simple pattern to sew and hits on many of the current trends so if you’re looking for fall sewing project, this might be it.  But who has time for fall sewing projects?  Not me or my mom.  Well, I’m off to study now.  Who knows when the next post will come.


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