Labor Day Clothing Haul

Almost every family has something they like to do together.  Play board games.  Go out to eat.  Hike.  Watch sports on TV.  The thing our family spends the most time doing together is shopping at thrift stores.  We often wonder, “Without Goodwills what would we even do together?”  Which sounds kinda sad and materialistic, but I think that thrifting is a very good thing for people to do together.  It doesn’t require 100% focus so you can talk to the other person while you’re shopping and it’s also very bonding in that everyone is on the same mission—to find things of value, whatever that may be to a person.  Not to mention there’s some ridiculous items at thrift stores which can cause a lot of laughter.  So maybe shopping in and of itself is materialistic, but spending time as a family laughing, working together, and enjoying each other’s company are very healthy and important things for a family.

Anyways, justification complete.  My family spends every Labor Day shopping at Goodwills.  Something about thrifting on Labor Day is extremely lucky for us.  We hypothesize it’s because most people wouldn’t expect Goodwills to be open on Labor Day but guess what.  They are.  Yesterday was busier than past Labor Days, but somehow also luckier than past Labor Days.  I got so many exciting items yesterday that I decided to try posting a clothing haul.  Hopefully some of you people out there find good deals just as exciting as I do and enjoy this post.

I will set forth a few facts.  For those of you who are curious, all the following items I got from two Goodwills yesterday and my family spent about two hours at each.  (My father is a very patient man, but he eventually did have to drag me away from the first one.)  None of the costs I list for the items new are exact and I’m listing Goodwill prices from memory since I can’t find my area’s prices listed online.  That being said, I think my estimations are pretty accurate.

Outfit Number One.  Wet Seal tee shirt price: 15$ Goodwill bin price: $1.40.  Loft Pants Price: $70 dollars.  Goodwill pants price: $4.00.  Both of these items I got at the Goodwill today.  The tee shirt I found in the bins.  What are the bins you ask?  These giant wooden bins at the back of the store piled high with things like tee shirts, shorts, workout clothes, tank tops, and basically miscellaneous stuff, usually made of stretchy material.  And by piled high I mean that I practically get my upper body workout for the week digging through them.  Many people avoid the bins because they’re exhausting, but everything in them is only $1.40 so it means I can be less selective with what I buy.  That’s the only reason I bought this shirt.  Its Wet Seal so the quality is less than stellar but hey, for $1. 40 it’s worth it.  The jeans are from Loft, the brand that fits me and my mom best.  I’m not really a camo person, but I thought these pants were really cool.


Outfit Number 2.  Forever 21 dress price: $25.00.  Goodwill dress price: $6.00.  So I may have mentioned how Forever 21 is a forbidden store in my mom’s eyes due to its poor quality, but once again, when something is so affordable and so cute, it’s worth it.  I actually got this dress for my sister, but I’ll probably be stealing it every now and then.  Its super trendy with its ruffle sleeves and wrap front.

Outfit Number 3.  Old navy shirt price: $25.00.  Goodwill shirt price: $3.00.  J. Crew skirt price: $80.00.  Goodwill skirt price: $4.00.  My mom found this skirt for me today so congrats to her.  It’ll be a versatile piece for the fall with button up skirts seeming to be even more popular than last fall.  Also, pardon the occasional picture that makes something look unflattering.  Basement lighting is not the best and my little brother was so done with pictures after thirty minutes.


Outfit Number 4. Joe’s jeans price: $170.00. Goodwill pants price: $4.00.  I was ecstatic when I discovered this pair of pants today.  The color and corduroy caught my eye and when I realized they were Joe’s brand in my exact size, I couldn’t be happier.  Joe’s jeans, sold at Nordstrom, are SO expensive and fit so well.  For the record, the turtle neck (Free People) is from another consignment store, Plato’s Closet, and cost $14.00.


Outfit Number 5.  Kimchi Blue dress price: $70.00.  Goodwill dress price: $6.00.  After so much thrifting experience, I’ve developed this super power where I can know the brand of most things before looking at the tag.  I picked this dress out of the rack not because I liked it, but because I had a feeling it was from Urban Outfitters.  I was still surprised when I was right.  The more I looked at it, the more the interesting color combination grew on me and when I discovered how well it fit, I really fell in love with this dress.  I’d have to say it was my favorite find of the day.  I need to go somewhere nice so I can wear it soon.

Outfit Number 6.  Nine West pants price: $80.00.  Goodwill pants price: $4.00.  Expensive brand.  Comfortable and stretchy.  Cool knees.  Versatile color. Enough said.


Outfit Number 7.  Pink Floyd tank top price: $30.00.  Goodwill bin price: $1.40.  Years and years I have searched for a Pink Floyd shirt and at last my quest is complete.  I actually caved in and bought one at Marshall’s a while back because I really love the band and band tees are cool.  But hey, nothing wrong with having two awesome band tees.  Also, quick recommendation: never buy running shorts new without first checking Goodwill because I literally have a drawer full of Nike shorts from thrift stores and dang those things are expensive new.

Outfit Number 8.  Old Navy pants price: $30.00.  Goodwill pants price: $4.00.  These pants are rayon with an elastic waist and super comfortable.  Got them for my sister, but as always, I’m sure she’ll share.

DSCN5676     DSCN5668

Outfit Number 9.  Exhilaration shirt price: $22.00.  Goodwill shirt price: $3.00.  Target is another brand I don’t normally buy due to quality.  Also there’s a huge risk of someone showing up to church or wherever in exactly the same outfit and that’s always awkward.  However, this shirt just fit so nicely when I tried it on that I bought it anyways.  Also, it’s that dusty rose color that is getting more and more trendy.  And it’s essentially a fancy thermal so it’s very comfortable.  In case you’re curious, the pants which I got from a thrift store in Virginia are Current Elliott and would’ve cost like, 200$ at Nordstrom.  They have no stretch and are very uncomfortable though so I shall be selling them.

DSCN5800 (2)DSCN5789 (3)

Outfit Number 10.  Free People dress price: $150.00.  Goodwill dress price: $6.00.  I was lucky enough today to have a rare sighting of a Free People dress outside of its natural insanely priced environment.  Free People is by far my favorite store.  When I’m feeling down, I just scroll through their website and admire the beautiful designs.  I’ll never actually buy something from them though cus I ain’t rich.  Finding Free People clothing at thrift stores is the best kind of surprise.  This dress is made out of the softest knit I’ve ever felt.  It’s super short though and knit clings so it requires tights/leggings and a slip.  A very demanding dress it is, but it is so pretty and red is supposedly the color of this fall so I’m very happy to have found this dress.

Now for the grand finale, I will compare what I spent yesterday with what I would’ve spent shopping at the actual stores.  Drum roll please.  Total Price I paid today:  $38.80. Estimated price of everything from the stores: $617.00.  Not to mention the pair of Lululemon pants I found that were a mile too long for me but I plan on reselling.  Those things cost over $100.

Well I hope you people out there are inspired by how many pretty, trendy, necessary things can be found at thrift stores.  It makes having shopping as a hobby possible for us non-rich folk. (Not that rich folks wouldn’t enjoy thrifting too.)  So stop by your local Goodwill today! End of advertisement.




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