Whale Romper

DSCN5094One thing I find interesting is how almost everyone has their own sense of style.  Maybe they like mostly prints or mostly solid fabrics.  Maybe they like fitted things or maybe they like loose things.  Maybe they are happiest in a flannel or most confident wearing the color red.  Maybe they can’t stand how they look in light blue.  Maybe their default is Nike shorts and a tee shirt.  Yes florals. No florals. Yes ruffles. No ruffles.  For some reason each individual has on opinion on whether they like a certain style or clothing item or whether they don’t.  Perhaps its formed by what people have told them looks good on them or perhaps its formed by seeing what looks good on other people.  Or maybe they were just born despising polka dots.  Regardless the origin, almost everyone can answer the question, “Do you like this shirt?” or “Would you wear these shorts?”  I find it so cool how we’re all designed differently and these differences are revealed by things like what we choose to wear.  DSCN5073That being said, I make an effort occasionally to wear something I don’t necessarily think is “my style”.  For instance, the color light blue and preppy things like rompers with little blue whales on them.  Sometimes by trying something I wouldn’t wear on a normal basis, I find that I actually enjoy wearing a certain color or style.  While I wouldn’t wear this romper every day like some of my favorite designs, I did think it was cute for a day by the water spent looking at all the rich people yachts and eating ice cream.

DSCN5024Another reason I wouldn’t wear this romper every day is because its my sister’s and I don’t think she’d appreciate me stealing it.  Also, it fits her better.   We used Burda 7552 for this romper and Burda’s reputation for creating well fitting shorts and pants was proven once again.  We did have to adjust the length of the torso so the romper would fit my sister better as we do for most patterns.  Once the adjustments were made though, it turned out to be very well fitting with the invisible side zipper allowing for a more fitted top.  I love the square neckline and the wide cuffs that are held up with a button.  You can’t see in the pictures, but I chose these little silver buttons with anchors on them and I’m kind of obsessed with how adorable they are and how well they coordinate with the whale fabric.  Picking buttons is always the fun part.

DSCN5053 (2)  See how adorable the little whales are? (Also see how I somehow ended up with a stream of ice-cream running down my upper arm?  In my defense, that was the fastest melting ice cream I’ve ever eaten and it took some serious speed and concentration to keep it from ending up in a puddle on the table.  Thanks to the photos taken that day, I’m forever going to be self conscious about the hideous faces I make when trying to keep ice cream from dripping.  At least we got one where my face doesn’t distract from the cute romper.)

P.S. This might be the last post for a while…kinda hard to fit in photography with all my classes and college applications to complete.


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