My First Thrifting Post


DSCN5263Disclaimer: I did not sew anything in the following post.  This blog is technically a sewing and thrifting blog though so that gives me an excuse to post these really cool pictures I took in downtown Raleigh. Also, this blog is my creation after all so I can post random pictures of my cool shoes if I want to.  My third justification for this non-sewing blog post is that I did kind of design this jeans jacket.  I found all the pins and arranged them how they are so I think that is enough qualification to include these photos on my blog.

DSCN5360This is basically my go to outfit.  Like if I want to look cute but also want to be comfortable and casual and I’m not sure if it’s hot or cold where I’m going, I always choose this dress with these tights and those shoes.  Now, I’ve been improving on the jeans jacket for about a year. Some of the enamel pins on it have been given to me, many I found at thrift stores, one I purchased at Hot Topic, one I got at a gift shop in Michigan, one my friend got for me on her mission trip to Peru, a few I had from my childhood pin collection back when I collected everything.  I put a lot of thought into the best placement for every pin.  It’s a science, I tell you.  All in all, I’d say this jacket is my biggest accomplishment.  Bonus points for it being entertaining for young children to ask where I got all the pins from.  Always looking for ways to occupy little kids.

DSCN5289 (2)Both the jacket (Ann Taylor) and the dress (Forever 21) I bought at thrift stores in Virginia. For some reason, all other states have better Goodwills and thrift stores than North Carolina.  Or maybe I’m just luckier in other states.  Florida has these like, mega Goodwills that I could spend all day in.  It’s paradise.  Virginia thrift stores are surprisingly good considering they are often located in some secluded and poorer areas.  Much of my thrifted wardrobe originated in Virginia including most of this outfit.

Well, thanks to this post, my blog has truly earned its name: Finds and Designs.  My life is now complete.  DSCN5252


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