DSCN4937In my last post, I was talking about how happy/sad I was about getting one last trip before vacation was over.  I mostly wanted to focus on how excited I was to be relaxing at the beach, but to be honest, I was sick the whole week and I wrote that post in one of the many hours I spent alone at the beach house.  Normally my time at the beach is spent entirely in the ocean.  I could stay in the water all day long.  So chilling at the beach house away from the headache inducing waves and the fever inducing sun was a different kind of vacation than I’m used to, but it was good in its own way.  I had time to write and read my Bible and plan posts and enjoy the complete peace and quiet of an empty house.  I also got to know said empty house very well and the familiarity allowed me to get creative with backgrounds for the photoshoot of this dress.

DSCN5125 (2)Physically dragged my younger sister out of bed for this photo.  She is not a morning person AT ALL. I had to beg and drag her and beg and drag her until she fell on the floor and gave up sleep at last.  We barely got the photos in before the sun got to that painful bright level.  Another difficulty with this photoshoot was that it was so humid the camera lens fogged up within seconds and the majority of my pictures ended up foggy or all white.  I’m not a pro photographer so I’m sure there are ways to avoid this other than wiping the lens down with a paper towel in between every photo and snapping photos as fast as possible, but I made do with what I had.  Thankfully I got a few photos I was happy with and my sister didn’t sacrifice her sleep for nothing.

DSCN4929Now for those of you actually interested in the dress and not my incredibly exciting sick life at the beach, my mom sewed this dress using McCall’s 6711.  According to my mom, its a very easy pattern and both of times we used it, the dresses fit perfectly.   For the record, we always take in an inch on center front and center back of whatever top or dress we’re making because my mom, sister, and I are rather small people.  That was the only modification made to this pattern though.  My mom says she would definitely recommend McCall’s 6711to beginners.  This is another one of those designs that’s relatively simple and works well for beautiful and interesting pieces of fabric like this gorgeous rayon we used.  Bonus points for this dress being comfortable and cool and perfect for wearing on insanely humid days at the beach. DSCN4921


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