Tropical Halter Dress


I’m wearing this dress in both celebration and mourning of the last vacation of summer.  Technically summer vacation is already over because my college classes all started yesterday, but for once in our lives my family was somehow able to fit in a spontaneous trip to Atlantic Beach.  Everything just sorta lined up within a day or two to make this last minute trip a reality–the rental house had an opening, I wasn’t scheduled for work, I didn’t have a class on campus Thursday or Friday, and all three of my violin teachers were out of town.  I am incredibly happy to be sitting at the beach one last time before life gets crazy with homework and college applications and auditions.  Also incredibly happy about this trip because it gave me the chance to photograph this dress I’ve been wanting to post about for a while.  I refused to photograph it anywhere except the beach though so all summer I patiently waited for the opportunity and at last it came.

DSCN4873.JPGI have to say this dress is my proudest creation.  And by that I mean that I actually cut out every pattern, sewed every seam, and re-sewed every seam when I wasn’t happy with the length of the skirt.  It was a lot of work.  When you’re making a dress with a lining, you’re basically making the entire pattern twice and it is quite time consuming.  But there’s nothing nicer than having a dress with a lining made out of quality fabric like the bemberg silk I used for this dress which makes it feel like I’m wearing something super expensive.  The dress itself is made out of one of those rare quality cottons from Joanne’s Fabrics that isn’t as stiff as a board.  I’m in love with the intense blue of the flowers.  This was one of those fabrics I knew right away what I wanted to use it for.  I had previously sewn version B of Simplicity 1606 and had been wanting to try version A, the halter top.  Simplicity 1606 is a very well fitting and easy to follow pattern.  Version A was a time consuming pattern with the lining and the paneled bodice and the skirt that I ended up needing to lengthen, but overall it was not a hard pattern to follow and the dress fit perfectly with slight adjustments at the top which I have to do to every pattern.

DSCN4805.JPG In summary, I love everything about this dress.  I love the halter top style.  I’m obsessed with tropical and so are all the popular stores right now.  I love the silky lining and the perfect fit of the pattern.  And lastly, I love that it’s the perfect dress to wear in honor of the last days of summer vacation.  Farewell freedom.



2 thoughts on “Tropical Halter Dress

  1. What a fun summer dress! I’m also obsessed with Tropical prints, lol. Fits perfectly and the the print is gorgeous! Great Beach photo shoot too! Always a little sad ending Summer isn’t it? Any Fall sewing you plan to squeeze in during school?:)


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