A Sunburn and a Sundress

DSCN3441.JPGUnfortunately these are the last of the photos I got to take in Michigan.  You can only fit so much into a suitcase without people judging you for over-packing so I couldn’t bring too many things to photograph.  I am glad however that I packed this dress because it ended up being the perfect thing to wear to my grandparent’s rich neighbor’s house where a bunch of rich people were having cocktail hour and wanting to hear me play violin.  I don’t exactly remember agreeing to this visit/performance, but it happened and I am glad I had something to wear that looked like it might belong to someone who owned a giant lake house and could afford cocktail hour at 5:00 every night.

DSCN3499Its a simple design and a more casual cut, but the colors of the fabric make it almost elegant and using a quality cotton gives it flattering structure.  Its basic, but its nice enough to wear to summer events bordering on fancy.  For the record, its my sister’s dress and fits her better, but she got such a bad sunburn that day on the lake that I kinda had to take her place in the photographing of this dress.

DSCN3486.JPGThe pattern itself, Simplicity 2215, is not the most self explanatory pattern according to my mom.  It was confusing and there may have been a major typo.  She recommends you sewists out there try to find another pattern which shouldn’t be hard considering this is a simple enough design–button up front with a pleated skirt.  I’m glad my mom struggled through the pattern though because I like this dress and it definitely comes in handy when you’re unexpectedly paraded in front of 20 rich neighbors and you want to at least kind of fit in.



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