Cold-Shoulder and Calico

DSCN3566This dress might look slightly familiar as it is a variation of McCall’s 7115.  This sewing pattern includes both a dress and a romper which I previously made and posted about.  I may have mentioned before that McCall’s 7115 is my all time favorite pattern because of the variety it allows, the comfortable, relaxed fit, and the flattering design.  For this dress, I did end up having my mom make a slight modification to the length.  With only two tiers on the bottom, the skirt seemed disproportionate to the top. My mom fixed this by added a ruffle to the bottom which I love and would definitely do again.

DSCN3551As you can see, this dress has my favorite cold-shoulder design.  Like on the romper, I used a rayon with a 70’s feel to it.  Last summer, there was a dress at Urban Outfitters made out of a similar calico looking print that I obsessed over for like, a month.  I didn’t feel like spending all that money though so when I found this rayon at Joanne’s I knew I wanted to make a dress.  I had to convince my mom that calico print really was coming back in and no it would be too busy looking.  She was hesitant, but we were both pleased with the result.  Sometimes you just don’t know until you see the final product, but its always a relief when something turns out like you pictured it.

DSCN3633I must admit that this beautiful back porch is not mine.  This is the back porch to my grandparent’s farm cottage my family stayed at when in Michigan.  I think I’d be pretty satisfied if I could just live on this porch.  Every morning it flooded with sunlight and the yellow walls lit up in such a happy way.  (I’m a little obsessed with yellow).  There was a very elongated book shelf with unlimited free books and a squishy carpet and comfortable couch perfect for sitting on while drinking coffee.  The only unfortunate thing about it was that I couldn’t take it home with me…


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