Retro Wrap Skirt

DSCN4409Retro is in style and I am enthused.  My dear mother is less than ecstatic about revisiting all those styles everyone was hyped about back in the 70’s.  She thought she’d finally escaped bell bottoms, corduroy, and Birkenstocks only to have them freed from the grave in a passionate resurrection.  The past few years, items from the early 70’s and 80’s have been going in and out of style, some lasting longer than others. According to my mom, this skirt recreates two trends popular in the early 70’s: tie-dye and wrap skirts.


Tie-dye has obviously been in for a while, but I only started noticing wrap skirts shown in mainstream stores (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, American Eagle, etc.) at the beginning of the summer.  Like all wannabe cool people, I like to stock my closet on a trend before it gets huge.  Keeping slightly ahead of trends is easier for people who sew because we can design anything we want instead of waiting for the styles we anticipate to show up in stores.  I think that’s the most exciting thing about sewing.  I found this awesome acid wash rayon at Joanne’s Fabrics and ignored my first urges to make a romper or off-the-shoulder something.  I was inspired by one of my mom’s older patterns no longer in existence, Style Pattern No. 2589, and decided to try a different style than I’ve made before.


I was beyond surprised by how unique, yet in line with current trends the resulting acid wash wrap skirt was.  Not to mention, it’s a flattering design in general with a waist that can be tied at the perfect size and fabric that drapes beautifully with just enough weight to stay wrapped but still flutter slightly in summer breeze.  As you can tell, I am beyond excited about this skirt.  It shall become my new signature item, I think.   It was definitely worth all the struggling with the hemline my mom said she went through.




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