Colorful Linen Shift

DSCN4201One thing I am not enjoying about being back in North Carolina is the super hot weather.  It was easy to get used to cool days and nights chilly enough to need my fuzzy North Face jacket while in Michigan.  My first full day back in NC was over 90 degrees.  Its the kind of weather that requires cool, breathable fabrics like rayon or the colorful linen my mother made this dress out of.


There’s nothing fancy about Kwik Sew Pattern No. 2599 and that allows you to get creative with fabric choice.  We had this linen sitting around for the longest time before my mom decided to just put it to use with this simple, flattering design.  She sewed version A of the pattern, shortened it, and lined it, binding the neck and arm holes like the pattern called for.  Its the kind of dress you want to wear every day–effortless and comfortable.


A cool, linen dress like this might help out slightly with the oppressive heat, but there’s nothing more refreshing than standing in the clear, blue fountain at Meredith College.  Round of applause for my mom still willing to get a little crazy and do slightly embarrassing things while I snap pictures and die inside every time a student walks past.  This photo shoot was an interesting end to the campus tour…



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