Mixing Styles

DSCN3316.JPGMy absolute favorite way to design something is to take a style that I know a lot of people are wearing and change it somehow so it’s more unique, more custom.  Ideally, I like combining two different popular styles together for one clothing item.  This shirt is the perfect example of that, I think. DSCN3682 (2).JPG

I noticed that a lot of off the shoulder shirts and dresses are being made out of that powder blue color, a color I don’t like on myself.  I found this pattern, New Look pattern No. 6512, and my instinct was to make it out of a light blue rayon I had at home.  Not only would that have been rather unoriginal, but I don’t necessarily like that color on myself anyway.  So I decided to look for an alternative.  I ended up in the men’s shirting section of my favorite fabric store, Mulberry Silks (inconveniently located an hour and a half away from my house).  I’ve seen a variety of off the shoulder and other trendy clothing items being made out of men’s shirting this summer, mostly light blue or pastel stripes.  I considered fabrics of this variety until I discovered this unique checkered cotton in the vibrant, warm colors I like to wear and I knew it would be perfect for this shirt.  For you sewists out there wanting to make New Look 6512. I would recommend that you consider lengthening the pattern as it is essentially a crop top and can only be worn with highwaisted items.

DSCN3726.JPGYou may have noticed the different setting for this photoshoot.  I spent this past week and a half in Northern Michigan with my Oma and Opa alternating between their farm and their house on Walloon Lake.  The beauty of Northern Michigan, of the farm, of the lake, of the vast empty fields and waters, of the night sky white with stars, continually left me breathless.  The scenery that I witnessed over the course of this week far outshines anything man-made (or woman-sewn) but its fun to try to incorporate some of nature’s colors, vibrancy, and energy into designs.  Anyways, this definitely won’t be the only post featuring scenery from Michigan so be looking forward to more.


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