Lace and Batiste

DSCN1833So as you might guess, this was a fun shirt to design.  I was really wanting to make McCall’s 7325 again because I was so pleased with how the Bohemian Tunic turned out.  With that in mind, I was keeping my eye out for thin, lightweight fabrics in Joanne’s never-changing inventory.  This unique batiste (very thin cotton) caught my eye as soon as it was introduced to the store.     DSCN1801Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure about the fabric when I saw it.  Like I said, it’s very unique with its oriental flavor and it definitely stands out.  Very artsy fabrics like this have the tendency to make an item of clothing look homemade in my opinion.  And while homemade clothes are totally awesome and way cooler than just buying stuff at chain stores, there is a certain homemade clothing stereotype of too stiff, ill fitting, obnoxiously creative clothing that I try to avoid.  My goal is for the items I make or design to look like they came from one of my preferred high end, trendy stores (Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, etc.), but to secretly be made by me or my mom or grandma.  In my mind, this creative piece of fabric ran the risk of turning out to look obviously homemade.  I loved this fabric so much though and it was so perfect for McCall’s 7325 that I took the risk.DSCN1787.JPGNeedless to say, I am glad I stepped outside my style comfort zone and took a chance on this incredibly fun piece of fabric.  Yes, it is quite different than anything else in my closet and yes, I probably won’t see another teenage girl wearing a shirt like it, but in this case, that is a good thing.  Adding lace trim to the front panel of this shirt was a last minute idea of my mother’s and it made a remarkable difference to the finished product. I am proud of the creativity that went into this piece.



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