Denim Button Up Skirt

DSCN2002Now I have to say that I’m rather proud of this skirt.  For once, I did more than just design and plan it.  I cut out all the fabric and sewed every seam and hand sewed on all the buttons.  My mother was there for guidance of course, but for the most part, made this skirt.  DSCN1998

This rose denim was one of those pieces of fabric I got really attached to at the store, brought in home, and immediately lost interest in it.  So it sat in my basement for a year before button up denim skirts became super popular and my excitement for this fabric was renewed.


The only problem was that, as always, pattern books were a little behind on the trends and I couldn’t find a button up skirt pattern similar to the one I was picturing.  This is where my mom’s expertise comes in handy because she was able to turn Simplicity 2152 into a button up skirt pattern.  It took a lot of time and adjustments and fitting, but it ended up just like I imagined.



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