Super Comfortable Rayon Shorts

DSCN2054Not much needs be said about these shorts.  They’re pretty self explanatory–loose fit, elasticized waist, extremely comfortable.  In fact, Kwik Sew Pattern No. 2811 is actually a pajama pattern.  But one thing sewists know is that changing the type of fabric used can change the whole style of the pattern.  Using pretty and brightly colored rayon turns this pajama pattern into a pair of shorts that can be worn every day and to every occasion.  They are good for doing active things (like longboarding) and are also able to be dressed up for a more formal event.  Kwik Sew 2811 is an all around great pattern and easily customizable to fit anyone.  Also, while most items of clothing take at least four hours to sew, these shorts take my mom only about an hour and a half now that she has a system down having made six different versions.

DSCN2247The fabric used on these shorts which my amazing friend so kindly modeled for me was actually harvested from a dress purchased at the thrift store.  So these shorts cost a grand total of $1.50.

DSCN2203The fabric for this pair of shorts should look familiar as it is the leftover fabric from the off the shoulder top I made a post on a while ago.  Its always interesting to see a fabric being used for multiple purposes; I can’t decide if its better for shorts or a shirt this time which is a good thing.

DSCN1336Yet another version (modeled by my sister who refuses to take shoe advice from me).

DSCN2348And this is the final pair made this month.  This fabric was also from a thrift store purchase.  The options for these shorts are really endless.  Maybe I should start selling them…


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