Sheer Bohemian Dress

IMG_20170630_114725_300I title this photoshoot: When your mom goes to the beach without you and she’s looking all tan and relaxed in the perfect dress meanwhile you’re at home writing essays for English 112 and stressing about fall class registration.

I’m not actually that jealous.  It was a productive week at home and I’m glad my mother enjoyed herself at the beach.  It was a bonus that she got the chance to get in some quick photos featuring this dress which I think is my favorite item my mother has made herself.  I don’t know about you, but there are certain outfits or items of clothing that I always picture my parents wearing.  Thinking of my mom brings to mind an image of her in this dress.

042 (2)

My mom used variation F on the Simplicity Pattern No. 2690 which was actually a shirt.  Adding length is an easy thing to do in sewing and it worked well for this pattern. The cool thing about this dress, sewing wise, is that it is one of those designs that doesn’t look especially interesting or flattering when drawn on the envelope of a sewing pattern.  Once the pattern is actually made however, it becomes a really unique and well fitting design.  037 (2)

Choosing the right fabric makes a big difference in the real live item turning out as well as or better than the image displayed on the pattern.  For instance, my mom choosing to make this pattern out of a sheer added a lot of interest to the dress, especially the ruffle on the sleeve.  Lining the sheer with a knit adds nice drape to the fabric and makes it super comfortable to wear.   021


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