Daisy Print Romper


DSCN1425Like people, every piece of fabric has a purpose.  Some purposes just take a little longer to figure out.

The piece of fabric used for the romper in this post was actually purchased by my grandma a long time ago.  Two years ago I think it was, I noticed that daisies and sunflowers were common designs for fabrics at that time and I got really excited when I found this old but trendy piece of fabric at my grandma’s house. But for some reason I just couldn’t figure what that fabric specifically wanted to be. A dress? A skirt? A shirt?

DSCN1535Again, a lot more recently, I noticed a that florals, calico looking prints, and styles mimicking the 70’s were being shown in a lot of stores including my three favorites: American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and Free People.  Rompers, two piece outfits, overalls, and jumpsuits are increasingly popular this summer as well.  When my mom suggested making a romper out of the daisy fabric using my favorite pattern, McCall’s pattern no. 7115, I knew that would be perfect. (I already have two dresses made out of this same pattern that I hope to create posts on soon.)

I was so very pleased with how the romper turned out.  I love the brightness of it, the looseness of it, and the unique spin it puts on all the floral clothing being shown this year.  It has the cold shoulder and even though that’s one of those trends being pushed in shoppers’ faces 24/7 this year, I admit that I absolutely love clothing with open shoulders, dropped shoulders, or slits like this romper has.  DSCN1466

To me, this romper has a vintage, country feel.  The North Carolina State Farmer’s Market was the perfect place to wear and photograph it. I had fun weaving through aisles of produce, sampling too many peaches, blueberries, and pastries, and talking to the farmers at the different displays while wearing this comfy, summery piece.  DSCN1554DSCN1409DSCN1549DSCN1499.JPG


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