Bohemian Tunic


There’s a weird phenomenon where days go by SO much faster when you’re passionate about something.  The negative side of this phenomenon is that your focus is decreased in every other area.

When my mom is working on a sewing project, she says that all of a sudden, doing anything else sounds like drudgery.  Sewing consumes her whole mind.  “It’s amazing I graduated from pharmacy school with honors considering some of the best fabric stores in the US were just down the street from me [in Chicago],” my mom always tells me.

I relate to her.  Usually its writing or music that fill my head, but these past two weeks I’ve been entirely distracted by this here new blog.  I want to portray all the pieces my mother and I design in the best way possible. It’s so much fun to think about.  Not to mention, my mom’s summer is just beginning and she’s taking advantage of it by cranking out clothing as fast as we can brainstorm it.

To me, the piece featured in this post has an ethereal feel—very fairy like and bohemian.  It’s gorgeous against a wooded background and since we have the beautiful (and North Carolina famous) Yates Mill Pond super close by, I had fun taking some photos there.  I know that large, flowing sleeves of varying types are in style right now as are pieces with a bohemian or hippie sort of feel.  This pattern from McCall’s number 7325 fits that description perfectly and I’m looking forward to wearing it a lot this summer.

This piece works well as a tunic with leggings or as a cute, summery mini-dress.



With the pastel colors and extremely lightweight linen fabric, this tunic reminds me so much of cotton candy.  The large, slightly open sleeves and gathers make it perfect for spinning in.



(As a side note, I got these shoes at a thrift store for 3 dollars.  They aren’t actual Birkenstocks, nor are they super comfy, but they work well with this and other summer outfits.)

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