Silky Pillowcase Dress

The first post on this blog, I dedicate to my talented mother.  After all, she was the one who convinced me to start this blog.  Sewing is one of her greatest passions (beneath me and my siblings of course).  My mother is always amazed by the number of people I encounter that I have to explain the whole concept of sewing one’s own clothing to.  I’m frequently describing how I drive to Joanne’s Fabrics, select a bolt of fabric, choose a pattern which will guide me in cutting out the pieces of fabric , and then sit down at a sewing machine and sew together the pieces to make an article of clothing.  So she convinced me that it was a worthy endeavor to share some of our creations with on the Internet and hopefully inspire a greater group of people.

My grandmother taught my mother to sew when she was very little and the thirty something years of experience have obviously paid off.  There is not an item my mother cannot sew.  Of course, she’ll be the first to tell you about the many, many mistakes she’s made along the way.  Her experience and her knowledge of mistakes makes her an overflowing well of sewing wisdom which she’s eager to share with the beginner sewing community and those simply curious people.  So feel free to post any questions in the comments about sewing or about the specific dress featured in this post.

This dress pattern is from New Look and the number is 6119. The pattern includes the floor length and knee length version.  My mother chose to use a very silky polyester material. The blue roses are quite elegant and the cool, silky polyester that my mother chose to sew with makes this the perfect summer dress.  It pairs well with silver and white. Halter dresses are one of my favorite styles and this pillow case dress is very similar in the way it gathers close to the neck and highlights the shoulders.  It looks beautiful on my mom if I do say so myself.


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